Not Just a Pretty Face: Furthermore

Sep 15, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

When it comes to designing your house, safety is just as important as style. Clear Edge Glass Systems look spectacular, letting in natural light, and making any room feel open and free flowing.  Last time, we took a look at the strength of our sliding door tracks and found that they can withstand any wind Australia can throw at them. That’s not all an exterior wall has to withstand, though, and Clear Edge Glass has a lot more to say for itself. We’ve done everything necessary to ensure our frameless glass doors are the best option for both your safety and comfort.

Our doors are all Australian made with toughened safety glass. It’s designed to bend to withstand amazing amounts of pressure, making it near impossible to break. Made by heating and then rapidly cooling float glass, this Grade A safety glass is designed specifically for use in buildings. If through some extreme circumstances it does break, it will shatter into tiny squares the way your car windows would. If threat of intruders is a concern, there is the option of the cam lock. This security feature, integrated into the sliding door system itself, will make your house that much safer.

Not only can the glass keep the weather out, it can keep your heating in. Summer is coming up, and whether that means air conditioning or casting the windows open and soaking it up, Clear Edge Glass has got you covered. We offer Frameless Glass treated to be Low E, or ‘Low Emissivity Glass’. With a special coating of super thin metallic oxide, short wave solar energy can enter the building, but the long wave energy that comes from heating systems is kept inside. That means natural light gets in, blistering heat stays out. It’s easy on the heat pump, the sliding door system providing efficient and attractive thermal insulation.