Archie and Tacita Shaw are a married couple and the owners of Clear Edge Glass, with their manufacturing factory in Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience in the frameless glass door industry and a passion for frameless glass door products, such as their enclosed patio glass system, they bring a unique perspective to the market.

After honing their skills in Europe and Germany, they moved to Australia in 2010 to start Clear Edge Frameless Glass. Their frameless glass doors and servery windows are designed to be completely customizable and flexible to enhance the feel of any home or multi-use space.

Their projects range from multi-million-dollar homes to commercial restaurants, and they’ve even partnered with companies like Space Cube for high-profile events like the Australian Open and F1 Grand Prix.

At Clear Edge Glass, their goal is to help clients transform their space into something they love and cherish. They believe in creating spaces that bring joy and pride to those who live and use them.



“At our core, we are driven by the desire to enhance people’s lives through exceptional spaces.

We believe that every home and business should be a place where memories are made and cherished.

That’s why we work tirelessly to bring the best frameless glass products to our customers, and turn their dreams into reality.”

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Clear Edge Glass are the only Australian manufacturers of the frameless balcony glass enclosures, the frameless glass doors and the servery windows. We supply to trusted agents across Australia.

Our Expertise and Ingenuity

Unique Spaces

Curved Glass Expanse

Clear Edge Glass is renowned for its expertise in handling unique projects, setting it apart from the competition.

When the Rabba family approached the company, they were looking for a way to create an enclosed patio with glass. While this is something the company has done many times, what made this project unique was the curved shape of the space.

Problem Solving

When John and Maha contacted Clear Edge Glass and spoke to Tacita, they had a long chat about how the family used the space and what they wanted to achieve.

Despite the challenging shape of the area, the Clear Edge team were confident that the company could provide a solution. “Yes, we absolutely could help, but this was not going to be an easy job,” recalls Tacita. “The area is a semi-circular space with no straight sections, so we would need to create a system that could have our frameless glass doors curve with the opening.”

It took several site visits by Archie and a full template created in the factory and brought onto site to help Maha visualize the project.

Outstanding Results

“I think the results speak for themselves,” Tacita said. “What has been created here is simply superb.” Clear Edge Glass was able to create a curved glass wall that fully enclosed the outdoor space, providing John and Maha with a perfect area to entertain guests and furnish with confidence since it is now fully protected from the elements.

“The best part is the way the enclosed patio glass panels retract back to reopen the space,” says John. “I love it. It exceeded my expectations. What an incredible space Archie and the Clear Edge team created for us.”

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