Clear Edge Glass Sliding Doors: not just a pretty face

Aug 25, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Sleek, chic, and effortlessly modern, nothing makes a room feel large, well lit, and free-flowing like a frameless glass door. Clear Edge Glass sliding doors are a popular pick among architects in today’s modern Australian home, and so they should be!

But style alone does not a door make, especially not when it’s an external door. Our doors are frameless sliding doors; just how strong can they be? Aussie weather is no joke, and we know you want doors that will withstand it all.

Our local sourced glass doors have always been of the highest quality. In wind load tests they have never failed to give shining results.

But Clear Edge Glass doesn’t want just shining, we want the spotless, seamless best! So in our quest for quality we went ahead and put our product to the Ultimate Strength Test, according to AS 2047 specifications (the checklist for quality Aussie windows).

Our glass is already Toughened Safety Glass, which can withstand everything you need it to, this was a test of the sliding door track, the entire sliding door system that will keep the inside of your house safe and comfortable.

Using a hydraulic ram, we recreated wind force against the system, and the results were stellar. Not once did the system fail, not even in the face of over 1000kgs fighting against the system. Each roller easily withstood as much as 250kg. In practise, this means our system would still be going strong even when going up against winds many times stronger than 180km/h.

Remember that Clear Edge Glass is only a two edge support system!  No frame necessary, our elegant look is strong and sturdy in the face of tremendous wind pressure.

Our glass sliding doors, made by Australians, for Australians, pass every test we throw at them. Our passion for supporting local manufacturers and materials guarantees you only the best.