Why Low-E glass is Vital

Oct 13, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Clear Edge Glass Systems can be designed using Australian made Low-E glass. But what exactly does ‘Low-E’ mean, and why is it so important?

Keeping UV rays in Check

We all know about the dangers of unprotected exposure to the sun, especially during those golden summer days. Low-E glass (‘low emissivity’) is designed to lower the level of radiant energy making it through your windows. The nuts and bolts of it is an incredibly thin and transparent coating which reflects long-wave infrared energy. This protects both your furniture from fading, and your skin from dangerous UV rays. And because the layer is transparent you aren’t losing any light, your house will still have bright natural lighting and a sense of flow through wide open glass sliding doors. When you’re at the beach you wear sunblock, when you’re in the house, you use Low-E glass.

Keeping the Power Bills in Check

The Low-E glass treatment works to create what is essentially window insulation. The materials used reflect the temperature back on both sides of the glass. This process is similar to that of a thermos, the lining inside preserves the temperature regardless of what’s happening outside. This means that even at the height of summer the temperature of you house is easily regulated, and when winter kicks in again, none of your heating is lost out of our sliding door systems. Your house stays cosy, your heating bill stays low. An energy efficient home isn’t just good for you and your family, it improves resale value.


As Clear Edge Glass Systems are all proudly Australian made, this all comes with a stamp of quality. Our Low-E glass requires no extra cleaning or treatment and there is no risk of it getting chipped or scraped off. Best of all, it doesn’t diminish the beauty look of our frameless glass sliding doors.



Blog by Leticia Philip