When it heats up: open up

Sep 27, 2017 | Glass Sliding Doors

What a winter we’ve just had! Are you glad it’s over?

For many of us, that surprise September heatwave came as a wonderful, warm reminder that summer is just around the corner. For now, we’ve got a sunny Spring to enjoy, and all that fresh air couldn’t have come at a better time!


Time to clear all that stale air

After a long, chilly winter, our windows and doors need to swing wide open. Winter locks a lot of moisture in a home thanks to all that condensation, so circulating the air with a fresh Spring breeze is the only way to go when ensuring a healthy, happy home.

Opening your windows and doors wide will also work to eliminate the risk of mould growth. Mould manages well in a moist, dark home, so proper circulation and some golden Spring sunshine are your best weapons against it.


Let Spring do its own cleaning

That lovely Spring breeze we mentioned is also particularly handy for ‘dusting’ your home, so to speak. Let the mild-to-warm air of a fresh Spring day find its way through your open doors and windows and into your rooms, where it can shift those layers of dust that you’ve been accumulating after a closed-up winter. Make sure every room’s windows or doors are open for this tip to work, so that the dust has a way back out of your home!


Here comes the sun (and now that song is in your head)!

The sun is incredible. Not only does it provide us with vitamins, energy and warmth, it also acts as a natural cleaning product for our homes! Sunlight acts like a natural bleach over time for each room in your home, gently killing bacteria and freshening the fibres of our carpets, couches and beds.


You can maximize on these Spring benefits by installing beautiful walls of Clear Edge Glass in your home! While summer is our busy season, you could cash in on the lovely weather early without having to wait. Effortlessly sliding your doors aside to let in that sweet circulation of Spring air is – literally – a breeze with Clear Edge Glass.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your exciting sliding glass door project – we can’t wait to get started!