Time to let in the fresh summer air with some glass sliding doors!

Jan 28, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

You just can’t beat an Australian summer! We’re thoroughly enjoying some of this warmer weather, and hopefully you are too! One of the best ways to get the most out of summer is to invite the fresh air into your home – and the best way to do that is with a clear-edge glass sliding door system.

Most doors these days are nothing more than extended windows into your house. They’re not particularly wide, not good for ventilation, and generally aren’t designed or built to be opened for an extended period of time.

Clear-edge glass sliding doors, however, are the perfect solution to letting in that fresh summer air. For a start, you can open the sliding glass doors as wide or narrow as you want. If it’s a bit of a windy day, you might only want one or two panes open. No problem. But if it’s a still day, or there’s a gentle breeze, you might feel included to open the entire wall. And that’s just as easy.

Every pane or panel on the sliding system is able to be opened, twisted and stacked neatly to the side. It’s as if the entire wall just disappears. Can your standard doors do that?

But there are also a few other features that we think will get you interested. If you’ve ever had a standard door open for an extended period of time, you’ve probably experienced how inconvenient it can be. For a start, you have to figure out a way to try keep it open. These doors aren’t usually designed to stay open for long, so you need to find a door-stop or some way to stop it from closing.

Then, if it’s even just a little bit windy and your door-stop isn’t up to the task, you run the risk of the door slamming itself. This is frustrating, but can also be dangerous and frightening, especially for children and animals in the house. There’s also the risk of the slamming door doing damage to the house.

Furthermore, an open door takes up space. Most doors aren’t able to just fold back on themselves, so they create an obstruction to your entry way that’s inconvenient.

The advantage of a clear-edge glass sliding door system is that you have none of these issues. The panels all twist and stack neatly on the side, so there’s no obstruction to your entryway.
There’s also no risk of the panels slamming shut or against the house, as the tracks they run on lock them securely to the side.

So if you want to make the most of the summer season by letting in that warm fresh air into your house, talk to us today about installing a clear-edge glass sliding door system.