The Australian family home of the future series: part 1

Jun 14, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

The Australian family dream home of the future is less science fictional than you might think.

Australian families know what they want in a home. Function has begun to confidently trump beauty with the new demand for large indoor/outdoor living spaces. A traditional house floor plan arrangement would see walls boxing-in and isolating each room respectively. These days, and in the days to come, floor plans nestle the bedrooms safely away on the top story of the house, while huge expanses of sweeping space unite the rooms of the lower level from the kitchen and dining to the lounge and now…the deck.

Why are families choosing to combine these rooms and expand their living-space-empires into the garden? In this blog series, we discuss the benefits you can expect when embracing this new way of living. Here’s one to start considering:


Double the size of the living area

Gone are the days of closed-off spaces. Without really noticing it, we have embraced open-plan living so heartily now that we tend to feel strangely tight and compressed upon entering a home through narrow hallways. When was the last time you opened a door to access the family lounge or dining? If you can’t remember, then the reason is that open-plan homes are now the norm.

We love having the freedom to stand in the kitchen and look out upon our dining, lounge and garden. There is a lot to be said for being able to see the TV and comfortably holding a conversation with someone in the lounge while you stir a pot or slice vegetables.

The next step in this architectural advancement is of course pushing the boundaries further still. Homeowners now opt to open up entire walls between living rooms and their gardens using glass doors, thereby extending their living area real estate into the fresh aired outdoors. The expanse of transparent glass visually enlarges the area when the doors are closed, and physically when they are completely opened.

In place of rooms, Australian families are set upon achieving a united expanse of space sweeping from the kitchen to the edge of the deck and beyond. One open wall of sliding doors or folding doors and we can instantly achieve an unbeatable sense of freedom with no walls to restrict and segregate room from room.


Keep an eye out for our next blog where we will be covering the new and improved ways in which this ‘home of the future’ caters for families with children.