Sunroom inspiration for an oncoming summer

Oct 17, 2017 | Glass Sliding Doors

This blog comes to you on a cloudless afternoon sitting at a sublime 29 degrees in Melbourne! It’s safe to say that summer is on its merry way, so we better get ready to welcome it. What’s the best way to maximise a summer’s day? Simple: a bright, beautifully-decorated sunroom!

Today we’re taking you through a few features we believe the perfect sunroom simply cannot be without:


A dreamy theme

We visit our sunrooms to ‘escape reality’, so it’s actually quite important that this space is made to feel as far from ‘office vibes’ as one can possibly get! To achieve this, we recommend opting for a theme; a consistent style of decorating and decor that transports you away from the ‘every day’. A few of our favorite sunroom themes are:


  • Nautical
  • Tropical
  • Japanese Spa

Which theme would you like to try? For further theme inspiration, feel free to check out our Pinterest Page.


Natural elements are essential

A few touches of the outdoors go a very long way in your sunroom, as they assert that ‘indoor/outdoor’ flow beautifully. Natural elements such as plants, stones, and woody or weaved furnishings add texture and charm.

You can keep it simple with:


  • Potted plants
  • Paintings or photos of animals, plants or landscapes
  • Nature prints (banana leaf pillows etc)

Or get crafty with:


  • Driftwood (sculptures, carvings or just beautiful pieces of driftwood on display)
  • Seashells (display them in a basket, bowl or behind a glass frame)
  • Colour palette paintings (grab a blank canvas and a few test pots of paint and go nuts with your colours; blending them on the canvas to create a beautiful piece for the wall of your sunroom)

We’ve found an instagram page dedicated to beautiful colour palettes you might like to check out here.


A balmy breeze and uninterrupted views

While we can fuss endlessly about a beautiful interior, a successful sunroom really ‘happens’ when you connect the space seamlessly with the sunny outdoors…something that can’t be achieved with regular walls. You can totally open your sunroom to the outdoors by transforming your walls with Clear Edge Glass retractable glass doors!

Our sleek glass sliding doors are yours to use in any way that suits: slide them completely to one side to instantly invite the outdoors in, slip a select few panels apart to allow a balmy breeze to work its way through your sunroom and ventilate the air, or keep your doors closed as you sit in your sunroom soaking up uninterrupted views in cool comfort.