A stylish storefront with Clear Edge Glass

Aug 19, 2019 | Glass Sliding Doors

Nothing deters a curious customer quite as much as a shadowy shop, obscured by walls and busy displays. Whether a potential customer is out and about for a purposeful shopping excursion or a leisurely browse, your store ought to make a pleasant first impression. The easiest way to achieve this is to simply ensure their ease of access to your store, both physically and visually.

A customer-to-be should be able to spy your store from a moving vehicle and instantly see what awaits. Attract them with a stunning interior and an easy-breezy entranceway. 

Here’s how you can ensure your store is attracting more visitors, and how you can make more sales with one simple and sleek architectural advancement: the Clear Edge Glass retractable sliding glass door system. 


A stylish storefront

Our glass frameless sliding door system is the perfect solution to your otherwise dark and obscured store. Clear Edge Glass sliding glass doors will provide your store with ample light, and your interior with full visibility to passers-by. 


Nothing says class quite like glass

It’s no secret that a sleek wall of glass is a pricier alternative to the classic plane pane store window. However, the extra budget you invest in your Clear Edge Glass door system is bound to pay off in the long run. 


Save on cooling 

Don’t blast your poor staff with cumbersome fans and noisy AC units! Simply slide a few of your Clear Edge Glass doors ajar and enjoy an easy and instant ventilation system! You’ll cool down your store in no time while saving on power bills and maintaining that easy access that only our smart sliding glass door system affords. 


Show, don’t tell

Save on expensive signage and advertisements and let your store’s stunning interior display do the talking! Transform an otherwise opaque wall into a glossy and totally transparent portal of Clear Edge Glass! Invite customers near and far to freely look into your store and admire your products – this is a perfect option for fashion stores, as customers will be able to see what sorts of garments you have on offer and can peruse the racks beyond the mannequins.   

Be proud of your products and present them perfectly to the public with Clear Edge Glass. Our glass door system allows you to seamlessly slide and fold your sliding door panels to one side and offer a completely open viewing all year long.