Retail edge with Clear Edge Glass Doors

Dec 20, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

If you’re looking to invest in your shop, salon, restaurant or cafe in the New Year, then you need to consider advancing your establishment with a sleek new wall of Clear Edge Glass doors. Our doors are a welcome addition to any indoor or outdoor establishment. With an elegant appearance and a practical and fully-retractable glass door design, you’ll have customers piling in all year long.


In or Out

Regardless of your location, our Clear Edge Glass sliding door system is built to suit both indoor and outdoor environments. Some clients have had their foldable glass door systems installed within offices to create the illusion of divided rooms without losing views or valuable light.

In the same way, an indoor restaurant, cafe or shop could benefit from a welcoming wall of Clear Edge Glass doors. We say welcoming because unlike most thickly-framed storefronts, our frameless glass doors appear almost invisible from a distance. Better still, they can be completely folded to one side so that your shop is easily accessible and easily viewed by passers-by.

For shop owners, it’s especially important to have easy access to your store when inside any sort of shopping centre. Clear Edge Sliding Doors will set you apart from any store surrounding you. They offer uninterrupted visibility of your store’s interior and limitless access from all angles of your storefront. Clear Edge Glass sliding door systems are also very secure. You can lock your glass sliding doors to keep your products safe after-hours.


Whatever the weather

Come rain or shine, your store will be equipped with a sliding glass door system that’s ready for anything! Welcome in those long summer days and warm summer nights through wide-open and fully-retracted Clear Edge Glass doors. Then, when winter rolls around once more, you’ll have the freedom to close your seamless glass doors without sacrificing a single inch of your views. Even on the coldest and darkest winter nights, passers-by will be able to see inside your store and feel drawn to your decor.


Ready to make 2019 count for your store? Make this the year that you choose to install Clear Edge Glass sliding doors! You won’t be sorry: you’ll just wish that you’d thought of it earlier!