One wall: entire home transformation

Feb 17, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Whether you’re building or renovating, you want your home to stand out as more than just four walls and a door. Considering the endless options for meticulous house improvement can get laborious and overwhelming; especially if you are intending to sell!

You need a stylish solution that will give your property a winning edge in the competitive house market. With Clear Edge Glass, it’s possible to achieve that edge with one glass sliding door system.

First impressions are more important than we tend to realise. For a potential buyer, your entrances and exits are going to be the first thing they lay eyes on when approaching your abode. A streamline length of shining glass sliding doors could be the striking feature that instantly attracts a buyer to explore more within!

Upon entering your house, buyers will appreciate being able to look freely through a frameless sliding door system; your unique home maintains a visual connection to the outdoors, and an excellent sense of flow.

For you as the resident, you make use of your entrances and exits every day; as good an opportunity as any to swap out a dated doorway for stylish accessibility – without sacrificing efficiency! Picture yourself arriving home one evening to a garden vista unobstructed through your seamless set of frameless glass doors (with the added bonus of diminished street noise).

Perhaps you spend your days bound to a stuffy office and you need your home to become your own personal escape. One frameless glass sliding door system will turn your living space into a balanced indoor/outdoor retreat. Clear Edge Glass doors are designed to slide effortlessly out of the way, leaving nothing between you and nature. Instantly fill your home with fresh air, and enjoy that gentle summer breeze from the comfort of your sofa!

Check out our Facebook photo gallery for more examples of Clear Edge Glass frameless sliding doors transforming entire homes in one wall.