Never waste office space with Clear Edge Glass

Jan 16, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

Clear Edge Glass Doors are a beautiful addition to any home, but did you know that our system is popular among offices too? Bringing wonderful benefits to any office space, our blog today will open your mind (and your meeting rooms) to the cool concept of classy office glass…

Stay connected while keeping the convo contained 

You’d be surprised how much of a morale-kicker exclusive meetings can be sometimes. When you constantly see your colleagues popping in and out of one another’s offices having private catch ups, you can feel left out and a little uncomfortable. It breaks the unity in an office floor; the ‘team’ concept becomes becomes blurry behind so many closed doors. To solve this, and simultaneously open the place up (both figuratively and literally), we bring walls of retractable Clear Edge Glass Doors to your office!

Rather than putting up walls and closed doors, slide a stylish wall of transparent glass across your office while hosting private conversations, calls, or meetings. Enjoy feeling connected to everyone in your office block without disrupting anyone else’s work day. Clear Edge Glass doors are an excellent solution to any office block that lacks flow and unity.

Don’t let any rooms go to waste

Oh, what some of us would do to just have a little bit more ‘shimmy’ room in our offices! Traffic in the hallway, zero places to pop for a quick, low-key catch up, and some spaces that hardly ever get used (yet take up so much room) are a few issues we’re most likely familiar with. With Clear Edge Glass doors installed across the entrance way to your meeting rooms, lounge and any other rooms that could do with a little more use, you’ll expand the space of your office without loosing the room entirely!

How? With our retractable glass door system, you can fold your entire wall away and have the space accessible and open; free to move in and out of without obstacle. Meeting spaces and previously exclusive lounges will feel like extensions of public areas, which will eliminate 5pm traffic or lunch break lines in your building. Additionally, when you want to put those rooms to use with the privacy and inclusiveness of a wall, you can slide your Clear Edge Glass doors closed once more the close the space and encourage all inside to focus on what’s being presented (without distracting outside team members).

An element of class in your office building 

In the world of architecture, mixed textures can offer a refreshing element of style and class to any space. Especially when glass is involved! Glass invites light and a sense of openness and flow to any indoor area. Our Clear Edge Glass doors offer a glossy, fashionable finish and break up the tired repetition of heavy walls in your office.

For a sophisticated, modern impression in your office building, give Clear Edge Glass a go!