Lighten up: get smart with glass decorating and design

Nov 8, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Some glass architecture and decorative choices are better than others. The bottom line is that homes with more glass invite more light: thus achieving that lighter-than-air feeling homeowners are so fond of these days (a design and architectural influence drawn from Scandinavian home design).

Smart Scandinavian design

Scandinavia experiences the polar opposite weather that we are so lucky to enjoy here in Australia. They have long, freezing cold winters and short, dark days. With such little sun coming and going throughout the land, they have ditched thick dark walls and full, fuzzy furnishings to invite as much light into their homes as possible – all this is made possible with clever use of glass in their decorating and home design.  

Almost anything can be replaced with glass or glass-like plastic. Dining chairs and tables, coffee tables, desks, doors and even entire walls! The idea is to allow as much light to touch as much of the room as possible. Too many opaque objects in one area end up turning your space into a dark void. Home owners of old must have enjoyed the cozy ‘closed off from the world’ lifestyle, but these days we’re all about opening up our homes and inviting the light.

Try it yourself

Take a look at your walls: windows and doors. How much glass have you got to play with here? Can you see much of the outdoors through those tiny portholes you call windows? Are there marvelous views being wasted upon your dark walls? If you’ve ended up feeling a little trapped in your own home, then embracing a wall of glass doors might be greatest light-changing choice you make for your house (and the trendiest one)!

Take a page from the Scandinavian design book and embrace glass in your home, be it an expanse across your wall, an inviting door, or a stylish piece of glossy furniture. You won’t regret the airy, open, inviting vibes your home will have to offer you and your guests…and the views aren’t so bad too!