Indoor outdoor kitchen bar for summer

Oct 25, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

The temperature is rising higher, the sun is shining brighter, and your phone is ringing off the hook with pals pining for an afternoon ‘catch up at yours’!

Before you know it, every weekend is busy and booked to the brim with mates and relatives ‘popping in’ one after the other! While we try to enjoy their company and the banter, the crowd that inevitably develops in your kitchen can drive you utterly nuts.

No homeowner feels comfortable ushering their loved ones out of the kitchen: we get that. That’s why we’ve created a wonderful, stylish solution for this age old issue that will keep everyone sane and entertained this summer!

It’s called ‘retractable glass windows’…and it’s a concept that you’ll wish you’d heard about sooner!

Retractable what?

Essentially, retractable glass windows can turn a section of your kitchen into an indoor/outdoor bar counter window. We’re not just talking about a window through which food can be passed from inside to the guests sitting outside: this bar can welcome guests to sit and enjoy a conversation with you while you maintain the kitchen all to yourself!

How does this work?

It’s really quite simple: you order the installation, then leave the rest to us! The easiest spot to install this set up is at a section of your kitchen where your windows meet a portion of your bench space. You can convert this space into a seamless counter top with glass windows that fold away neatly to invite guests sitting outside to ‘relax at the bar’.

For best results, we suggest extending your bench top out a little beyond the windows to create a totally usable outdoor bar space. Our frameless, folding windows will glide right out of the way, and the tracks are so seamless that bowls of snacks won’t be at any risk of bumping around atop them.

Tuck a few bar stools under the outer portion of your counter top/window sill to seat your guests in a stylish row outdoors while you keep the kitchen all to yourself inside.

On your side of the bench and your Clear Edge retractable glass windows, you have the entire kitchen at your disposal. On the guest’s side, they have bench space for snacks, beverages, and folded arms and elbows while they chat the afternoon away.

The ‘friendly’ divide

Did you ever imagine it could be this simple to create a defining ‘keep out’ line that keeps guests out of your kitchen while still maintaining a sense of hospitality in your home? Believe it or not, it can be done…with our help, and a retractable glass window!

A round of drinks on you

Good news: with your retractable glass insta-bar, you finally have an opportunity to go ahead and dust off that cocktail making kit that someone got you several Christmases ago! Standing on your side of the bar, with the entire kitchen area at your disposal, you can mix a mean round of drinks for your guests while they watch and cheer you on!

When the party’s over

Slide your doors to a neat close and enjoy the view of your outdoor space: a view that remains uninterrupted by bulky metal frames.


Does this sound like the solution you need to invest in this summer? Get in contact with Clear Edge Glass today and we can discuss your exciting retractable window bar project today, and perhaps get it installed in time for summer!