How to make the most of your sun room in the winter

Jun 15, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

We’ve had a blustery few days here in Melbourne, and as the first chill of Winter kicks in we feel it’s probably a good time to reassess our sunrooms in preparation for the colder months ahead.

Many Australian sunrooms go unused (and severely underappreciated, we think) during Winter. However, the whole purpose of this space is to provide your family with a comfortable indoor area in which to enjoy plenty of sun and sweeping views without having to open curtains, windows and doors! Technically you should be able to enjoy a cosy morning cuppa any given day of June, July and August in your sunroom (without freezing your toes off), but this is generally only possible if you’ve invested in the following feature…

The glory of Low E Glass

Low Emissivity Glass (or Low E Glass) has a special thin layer of metallic oxide coating that allows the passage of shortwave solar energy into a building, while preventing longwave energy (produced by heating systems and lighting) from escaping outside. Low E glass allows light to enter while still providing thermal insulation. Frameless glass doors can be treated with this outstanding, Winter-proof Low E technology.

You’ll be able to enjoy stunning sunlight through your retractable frameless glass doors without having to deal with unwanted heat loss! So blast that heatpump and pull away the blinds because it’s time to enjoy your sunroom all year long!

Some interior tips for a ‘Winterized’ sunroom

We’ve put together a list of our must-have features and tips for you to try in your own Australian sunroom to keep it usable and comfortable during the cold season:

Blanket Basket

Head to K-Mart or Target and stock up on a bunch of cheap knitted throws. Roll these together and fold them neatly in a basket for family members and friends to help themselves to whenever they occupy the sunroom.


Where there’s glass there’s often condensation. If your home isn’t properly ventilated, it might pay to pop a little plug-in dehumidifier in your sunroom while the space is in use.

A well-stocked activity shelf

Encourage use of the space by stocking up a shelf with your family’s favourite books and board games. Spending a few after work/school hours in the sunroom reading, eating or playing games is a great way to make sure everyone is getting their daily dose of sunshine (without standing outside in the cold)!

Pop the exercise machine in the sunroom!

Being surrounded by glorious views of your garden is going to make your daily treadmill jog 100% more enjoyable! Plus, the dose of natural sunlight you’ll be enjoying through your retractable glass doors is great for your health and wellbeing. When things heat up during the day, you’ll be able to neatly part your foldable glass doors to one side and enjoy a bit of crisp winter air (while naturally ventilating the space).

And there you have it: a completely usable space no matter what wily weather Winter has to throw at us! That’s the practical, stylish magic of Clear Edge Glass doors.