How to keep your home healthy in the Melbourne Haze

Jan 14, 2020 | Glass Sliding Doors

As we think of all those affected by the bushfires, we would like to take a moment in today’s article to send our love and lift up prayers for rain. With all our hearts, we thank the firefighters risking their lives and their loved ones who wait at home for their safe return.

We’re also seeing some hazardous levels of haze here in Melbourne today, so we thought we’d offer a few quick, helpful tips for ensuring your health and safety during this weather anomaly. 


Keep an eye on the ‘haze’ forecast

This helpful Air Pollution Map is one to watch when the weather gets hazy. If you or someone you know suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma, you might want to consider staying home with all the windows and doors locked if the scale tips above ‘moderate’. 

Today, Melbourne has been sitting at the hazardous end of the scale. These are sad, scary times, and we hope things can improve soon. 


Keep doors and windows closed

Nobody likes to be cooped up indoors in the middle of summer. It feels like such a waste of sunshine. However, a healthy respiratory system is certainly more important than bringing a bitterly smokey breeze indoors. So, with that being said, do try to keep your windows and doors closed during days forecast to be hazardously hazy. 

Fortunately for owners of our Clear Edge frameless glass door system, you won’t have to sacrifice any natural light or garden views while keeping your doors shut tight. Our seamless foldable glass door system retains every inch of your view without any cumbersome metal frames intersecting each panel. 


Turn on the air-con or invest in an air purifier

Modern airconditioning units feature a filter that will help circulate fresh, smoke-free air throughout your home. Keep your airconditioning unit on during smokey days to combat some of that haze and encourage a clean-aired environment indoors. Alternatively, you could invest in an air purification unit, though do your research and ensure you invest in a model that’s well-reviewed. 

When using an airconditioning system with closed Clear Edge sliding glass doors, you’ll find that our glass to be a brilliant design. Our doors retain the cool temperature you’ve achieved indoors with your airconditioning unit, while still inviting a pleasant amount of sunlight to stream into your living room.