How to achieve that Pinterest-perfect indoor/outdoor bar

Oct 5, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

It feels like it’s been an age since we could leave our homes dressed in a single layer. Spring is in full swing, but blink and you’ll miss the few months of home-preparing mercy between today and the sizzling heart of Summer! Any second now your workmates, family and friends will be giving you nudges and prods for that Summer BBQ you keep promising them.

Before the holiday rush kicks in, let’s talk about a stylish method of Summer entertaining that’s sure to put your home at the top of everyone’s ‘to visit’ list this year and for many years to come! It’s a new way of indoor/outdoor entertaining, and it all starts with a Clear Edge Glass retractable window system.  

The coolest, classiest outdoor entertaining area around: an indoor/outdoor bar

What do you get when you combine the kitchen window with an outdoor bench and a few bar stools? Awkwardness! You might expect the space to transform itself into that Pinterest-perfect outdoor bar you’ve been pining for (with convenient kitchen access), but unless your window is a slider (that’s large enough to be pushed right out of the way), you’ll be creating a bit of an awkward situation between you and your guests.


If it’s not a retractable glass window, don’t even bother!

If you’re trying to achieve an outdoor eating and drinking area that marries your indoor kitchen through a window, any other window system than our retractable glass windows just won’t work. Traditional window systems are far too bulky and hard to ‘get out of the way’. You’ll have a thick frame in the way of your drink and food passing place, and after years of use you’ll usually find those clunky window panes become more fussy to move – way to ruin the indoor/outdoor mood!


The solution: our frameless glass windows

As if designed by the outdoor entertaining gods, our retractable glass windows offer the perfect solution to our outdoor bar-meets-kitchen entertaining area. Simple, elegant and oh-so-effortless, you’ll actually enjoy slipping these neatly-folding windows right out of the way.

Oh, and when we say “right out of the way” we really mean it! Like our foldable glass doors system, our foldable glass window system slides to one side; each window pane folds neatly against the other leaving you with an open area through which to offer your outdoor-seated guests their snacks and drinks. Hold a conversation with your elbows resting on the kitchen counter and your friends chatting from the freedom of your connected outdoor bar – you won’t have any clumsy window frames in the way of this soiree!


Ready to give our retractable glass door or window system a go?

If this sounds like just the sort of solution that you’ve been meaning to organise for Summer, feel free to Clear Edge Glass today! We can discuss your exciting retractable window bar project and – fingers crossed – have it installed in time for Summer!