Glass Verandas: Perfect for Summer

Sep 28, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Winter is slinking away and spring has settled in, with summer hot on its tails! The time for huddling in front of a roaring fireplace has come and gone, finally you can slide open the glass doors and let in the fresh air.

What better way to enjoy the long hot afternoons then out on a glass veranda? What once kept you safe from the cold can now let you bask in the sun. Elegant and practical, Clear Edge Glass systems are perfect for letting you get the most out of the longer days, while our Australian made Low-E glass keeps you safe from damaging UV rays.

Prepare the shrimp

Imagine sliding open the doors to the smell of a sizzling barbecue, fresh cut grass, and a cold beer. A table tennis match on the patio, laughter ringing out from the pool, and ice cream dripping down your hand onto the backyard.

Mind the little ones

A glass veranda is ideal for letting the kids run around outside where they can enjoy the sun, and letting you keep a careful eye on them. Not just fun for you and your family, Clear Edge Glass systems are well suited for entertaining.

Party time at last

Plan a large party with confidence, knowing guests can spill comfortably out onto the patio, whether it be hot and sunny, or wet and windy. On a hot afternoon, your house will feel open and airy, with a great sense of flow through to the outdoors. And when weather packs in? Simply close the doors, and let the rain tap against the glass.

‘You’ time

When the guests are gone, the kids are happily asleep, you can curl up comfortably on your outdoor furniture, safe inside the glass walls. Watch the sun set through the elegant windows, a glass of wine and a good book at hand. That is what Clear Edge Glass is, laughter in the sun, sweet sighs under the night sky, and comfort all throughout the year.



Blog post by Leticia Philip