Glass by the pool: solving your coming summer problems

Aug 15, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Got a pool in the garden? You might like to consider placing a wall of frameless glass doors next to that beauty, and here are just a few reasons why:


The View

First things first: you probably spend a decent sum on that pool: what a waste for it to hide away in the garden! A beautiful pool deserves to be part of the scenery, especially from indoors. So why not make those doors transparent? You can have yourself a sweet panoramic view of your pool through your wall of retractable glass doors.


Light show

The pool doesn’t just do you a visually stunning service from its position outside, it also reflects beautiful dancing light through your glass sliding doors onto the walls inside! The room is illuminated with a calming blue light and the glittering show is always pleasant to watch.


Keeping an eye out

For families with kids, this writer speaks from experience when she says that you really want transparent walls when younguns are splashing in the pool. There are endless reasons as to why retractable glass doors will work for you in this case. Opened or closed, you’ll have a direct, uninterrupted view of the kids so that you can keep a watchful eye on them. Slide the door to the side to give yourself a clear runway in case you need to play lifeguard, or in case you need to shout from the sofa “Share the pool toys!” and “Stop dunking your sister!”


“Hey kids, come get your snacks!”

Oh, and the other bonus of retractable glass doors is the easy-access factor for when everyone is done swimming. Kids can pop in and out of the house for snacks, toys and towels without having to slide big heavy doors back and forth.