Glass all around: the trend you cannot miss

Jul 12, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Its transparent, glossy and extremely classy.

Glass is everywhere we look these days, replacing the walls of shimmering corporate office buildings, transparently framing your views in restaurants and stores, and now opening up entire homes to more light, air and accessibility than they ever have been before.

It’s clear to see why glass has become such a popular architectural option in home design these days. Glass provides both textural and visual contrast like no other building material. Take a dark industrial-esque concrete or black wood building and add large glass doors and glass windows: you now have instant visual contrast. The light, luminous glossy glass contrasts beautifully against the more rough, dark wood or brick.

Perhaps you have a predominantly white and bright building you feel might be appearing a little hospital-esque in style and feel. An expanse of glass will open up rooms to the naturally bright, warm colours of the world outside your building. No need to add more colour when you can simply draw it from the environment around your home!

It’s safe to say that glass just looks good with everything.

If you or someone you know is looking to add a little class with glass to their home, you needn’t commit to an entire stationary wall of the shiny stuff. A sliding glass door system would be the functional solution for any home lacking a little texture and light. Opt for retractable frameless doors instead of the traditional overlapping ones. This will allow you to fold the doors completely away, opening the wall or window to the environment surrounding your home. The fresh, open, airy appeal of the room will increase instantly, as will the appearance of the house when viewing from the outside.

The flow of natural light and the views now offered to home dwellers through frameless glass is unbeatable. If you’re keen to get on this trend train and add a touch of class with glass to your abode, go ahead and get in touch with the team at Clear Edge Glass and get chatting and planning today!