Roll customers into your restaurant with Clear Edge Glass

Feb 5, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

How many times have you hunted for a new restaurant, only to end up somewhere you’ve already been before? Why do we do this when there are so many new and exciting places available to us?

Unfortunately in most cases, new restaurants aren’t as easy to investigate as shops. While we can usually scan a shop through its windows and make up our mind about whether or not we’d want to shop there, restaurants, bars and cafes don’t generally offer that luxury. Signage and stylish outdoor seating areas are all well and good, but we’re more inclined to┬áspend our evenings eating at the places we can get a good look at.

The best way to totally open up your restaurant both visually and literally to potential diners is through Clear Edge Glass doors. Our foldable glass doors provide a beautiful and practical window into your beautiful, bustling restaurant. Through frameless glass doors, a passerby can fully take in the sights, sounds and smells of your stunning eatery!

You’ve made all the effort to decorate, why not show it off?

Modern restaurants rely heavily on the images they present on their website to lure in newcomers. While this is a good tactic for a regular portion of your customers, you’re forgetting the all-important number of folks who prefer a spontaneous meal that they choose by passing by your eatery.

If you’ve gone through the effort of decorating your restaurant with all the stylish mods and cons, why not celebrate and ‘show off’ your restaurant’s interior through a frameless wall of stunning Clear Edge Glass? To a passerby, your restaurant’s beautiful interior can be displayed through retractable glass doors at all times. Even if your restaurant isn’t open, passersby will be admiring your stylish interior and making a note to return to your restaurant the next time they wish to dine out.

Frameless glass doors will effortlessly frame the beautiful interior that you’ve worked so hard to establish. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and give future diners something to stare at!


Drive-by decisions made easy

Driving down a street in search of food is something we’ve all found ourselves doing from time to time. While the appetite of our passengers grows desperate and parking spaces are scarce, all we want is to quickly spot somewhere that everyone can agree ‘looks good’. Viewing from the car, the best you can do to locate a ‘good looking’ restaurant is to peer through the windows and spot whatever it is you’re after. You could be scanning for a bar, a certain theme, the class of dining (formal or casual), and even any amount of children to know whether or not you’re going to be comfortably able to bring your own kids in for a meal.

If someone driving by your establishment can spot what they’re looking for in a restaurant in mere seconds; you’ve got yourself a successful situation! THe best way to make this happen is through a sheer wall of glass sliding doors. Our frameless doors, when closed, offer uninterrupted views into your restaurant. As our retractable glass doors fold effortlessly to the side, you can also offer the same uninterrupted views to drivers while opening up your restaurant to fresh air on warmer days and nights.


Let’s work together to transform your restaurant and open it up to new customers! Contact Clear Edge Glass to discuss a quote today!