Extending your entertainment area (part 1): cover & location

May 16, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Australian property owners are lucky enough to enjoy outdoor living any month of the year, which is one of major reasons why outdoor entertaining areas have become such an important feature throughout our landscape design. If you are considering arranging your own indoor/outdoor entertainment suite for you and your guests, we have a few suggestions on where to start.


Location Location Location

Picking the perfect piece of your property is the first step you’ll take in the process of achieving your indoor/outdoor entertainment space. Start by selecting an area of your deck or garden that is directly adjacent to a popular indoor area such as your lounge, dining or kitchen.

Joining adjacent spaces is the easiest way to extend an indoor space and create a tidy link between the in and out. If, however, you find yourself basing your outdoor entertainment area away from your home then worry not; a covered walkway from your lounge, kitchen or dining room that leads to your outdoor entertainment area will act as a stylish faux hallway. A covered walkway and well lit path will give the illusion of connection as it stylishly links the two separate areas.

Cover Up

If you want your family or your guests to feel as comfortable outside as they do indoors, it is important to keep that super hot Australian sun from beating down on them! Covering at least a portion of your outdoor entertainment area is vital if you want to achieve the appearance of extended indoors.

A cover can be as simple to arrange as you like. You could opt for the luxe approach by elongating your current roof over the entertainment area. Constructing a cover with the same design and materials as your roof achieves an aesthetically pleasing continuity in the overall appearance of your home.

Sails, on the other hand,  do the trick just as effectively as a constructed roof might. Sails come in a range of differing sizes, and we recommend layering them at different angles for a more visually stimulating scenario.


Keep an eye out for the next blog installment in our Extending Your Entertainment Area series, where we talk about two more indoor/outdoor space-defining features: Floors and Doors.