Extending your entertainment area (part 2): floors and doors

May 28, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Fluid and Functional, the Ideal Doorway

Selecting a seamless door/entrance system is the most critical choice you will make, as it is the one factor most likely to enforce the fluidity between your house and garden. If your living room and your patio were a couple; the doorway through which you choose to connect them would be their wedding ceremony! The main objective here is to eliminate the idea of an awkward, obtrusive barrier sitting between your home and the outdoors.

The bigger the opening, the better the flow (and the view).

Clear Edge glass sliding door systems were purpose built for this very function. Unique among most common glass sliding doors Australia might select, our exterior sliding door systems don’t just slide away; they completely fold away. With your doors completely folded out of the way, your exit/entrance wall is free to newly define your space. Now, your guests may be encouraged to feel as though they are very simply walking through one continuous expanse of open-air space, rather than the traditional and more static method of opening up and stepping through a door to get themselves to the outdoor space.

The tracks that our sliding door systems run along are smooth and subtle, meaning guests can step freely without having to ‘mind the doorway’.

The benefits of our glass doors last all year long, and certainly don’t stop at summer. Because we provide you with frameless glass doors, you’ll be able to appreciate your beautiful garden and entertainment area during the most dour weather conditions through a luxurious, uninterrupted view.

Floor Flow

The absolute icing on the cake when it comes to achieving flow between your indoor and outdoor living areas is choosing to keep flooring the same or complementary to the material used inside. Tiles tend to be the go-to flooring material for the modern Australian home, and an expanse of these sweeping from your living room to your garden will instantly create an extended space: a venue and a canvas for your future indoor/outdoor activities.