Create your own tranquil oasis at home

Sep 10, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

As we make our way through the busiest months of the year, the promise of a beachside holiday in the summer feels like an eternity from today. To get you through these hectic months leading up to summer, we’ve devised a few interior tricks to help you establish your own personal paradise at home; a tranquil oasis to retreat to after a tough week at work.

Capture all the elements of a relaxing beachside holiday with these tips and tricks…


Select the sunniest space

Your private faux beachside oasis starts with the sunniest space in your home. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’ll be well acquainted with the room that sees the most afternoon sunshine. Locate the wall that meets the most rays of sunlight and let this be the new location for your elegant wall of Clear Edge Glass doors. If you’re already lucky enough to have our frameless glass door system installed in your Australian home, you’ll know that this spot, be it a sunroom, living room, dining room or otherwise, will be the perfect place to establish your DIY tropical retreat.


Bring the beach into your abode

Let your interior be inspired by natural elements that evoke a summer by the sea throughout your home. Decorate your interior with your favourite tropical motifs:

  • fill jars or decorative coffee table trays with seashells and beach sand
  • find tropical trees to surround your sunny room (the bigger and greener the better!)
  • burn citrus or sea mist scented candles to let all your senses know that it’s time to relax
  • enjoy your uninterrupted outdoor vista through frameless glass doors, or slide open your Clear Edge Glass retractable glass door system to enjoy the sounds and the smell of the ocean air


Invite the outside in

If your sunny space is situated by an outdoor entertainment area, garden, or (best of all) a pool, you can really capture that summer holiday lifestyle. By simply sliding your Clear Edge Glass Door stackable door system to one side, you’ll instantly situate your sunny indoor space among the outdoors. Enjoy the uninterrupted sights and sounds of leaves dancing in the wind, poolwater lapping and (if you’re lucky enough to be living by the ocean) a beachside vista; all without having to even leave the house! Nothing is out of reach through foldable and frameless glass doors!