Clear Edge Glass sunrooms: perfect for pets and plants

May 14, 2019 | Glass Sliding Doors

Why should people have all the fun when it comes to our clever retractable glass door design? Your plants and pets are important, and you’ll be pleased to know that both flora and fauna can benefit from Clear Edge Glass sunrooms just as much as we humans do! Is your home lucky enough to feature walls of Clear Edge Glass doors?

Here’s what your pets and plants might think of this lovely interior/exterior feature…



With walls of Clear Edge Glass doors, you can easily turn your home into a temporary green room for recovering plants or simple plant maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, indoor plants rarely do well in the shade. Most require at least a few hours of direct sunlight, and more still appreciate warm, even humid interiors.

You’ll get the best of both worlds for your plant collection if you choose to place them in a room walled with Clear Edge Glass retractable sliding doors. With floor-to-ceiling sunlight on offer, your plants will enjoy many hours of uninterrupted sunlight when placed beside your Clear Edge Glass doors. For the plants that enjoy humidity, your well-glazed Clear Edge Glass sliding doors will protect them from the chilly air outside while working to maintain the warm air inside and invite plenty of warm sunshine into your home. Have an indoor humidifier or air mister going in your sunroom or near your Clear Edge Glass sliding door system to ensure much-needed moisture is available for your plants, and your indoor air stays comfortable and non-drying during the cooler months.

Enjoy all the above features without having to open a single inch of glass! Then, when the plants have been watered and they’ve enjoyed a few hours of sunshine, pop everything back and swing those sliding glass doors wide open to enjoy a refreshing breeze through your home.



Walls of Clear Edge Glass doors will provide a proper, sunny space where animals of all kinds can sprawl themselves out luxuriously while soaking up much-needed winter warmth.

Cats and dogs are fussy creatures. Their indecision to be either in or out of doors during the winter months is easily remedied, however, with the help of a wall (or multiple walls) of Clear Edge Glass doors. Sliding doors are one thing, but frameless glass sliding doors open up a whole world of possibilities for pets. Cats will be entertained by the unobstructed views of birds in the trees outside your home, dogs will freely see ‘what’s going on’ outside without having to climb onto furnishings or bark at opaque walls and doors.