Clear Edge Glass: stretching summer out just a bit longer

Mar 15, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

While most of us are reluctant to let summer go, there’s no denying the shorter days and nippier nights. Sure, we’ve still got a few hours of sunshine to enjoy after work, and more on most weekends, but sooner or later the breezy season will be in full swing. If you’ve been enjoying your outdoor entertainment area all summer long, and you’d like to continue that indoor/outdoor lifestyle well into winter, then we suggest you read on!

Summer’s here to stay with a simple slide of your doors

Your outdoor entertainment area might have been a blast during the warmer months, but as things ‘chill out’ you’ll find yourself wishing you’d thought to ‘wall up’ the area. However, while constructing walls around your outdoor entertainment area might allow you to enjoy the space during the cooler months, it robs you of that summery openness, sunshine and pleasant view. Even regular sliding glass doors (or ranch sliders) can feel like eyesores as their cumbersome metal frames obstruct your garden view and evening sunshine.

Not to worry! Clear Edge Glass doors are here to show you how to hold onto summer, no matter what season we’re in.

The Clear Edge Sliding Glass Door System: How it works

Clear Edge Glass sliding doors are designed to effortlessly enclose balconies, patios, poolrooms, alfresco kitchens, outdoor entertainment areas and even window spaces. By surrounding outdoor spaces with sleek walls of Clear Edge Glass, you’ll be creating an extra room for yourself; useable no matter what wily weather the cooler months have to offer you! Worried about sacrificing the outdoor atmosphere in exchange for walls? Well, because Clear Edge Glass doors are walls of wonderfully transparent glass, you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree views without a whip of wind (if you so desire).

The best part of our sliding glass system is that it is totally retractable, meaning that you’ll have the pleasure and freedom to enjoy endless options when it comes to opening or closing your doors. Fold your doors neatly to one side to have your outdoor area or sunroom open; invite in that crisp autumn air, and allowing your garden to become part of your living room.

When things cool down, you’ll be able to close your doors completely, leave one panel open, or part each door slightly to encourage just a hint of that fresh air to move through your home (without any annoying paper-disrupting gusts of unwanted wind).

Glazed to keep the heat

Every single panel of Clear Edge Glass is made of a toughened safety glass of Grade A safety standard, as per AS1288 standards. With a strength value of 500% over annealed glass, each panel is able to withstand greater wind, noise, and thermal assault. So, when things cool down, you’ll be able to stay toasty warm as the cold stays outside your doors and the heat is contained comfortably within them.

As we head out of the warmer season and into the cooler season, Autumn proves to be the perfect time to get your Clear Edge Glass Doors installed. It’s quieter for our team, and you’ll have the added benefit of getting your walls installed before the weather gets too cold, rainy and windy. Get in touch with our team to secure your Clear Edge Glass retractable glass door system today!