Clear Edge Glass: It’s a lifestyle

May 15, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

Our customers keep telling us that the thing they love most about Clear Edge Glass Doors is how transformative they are; not only to the look of a home, but to the total lifestyle of each resident. When a wall of Clear Edge Glass sliding doors are installed, the very dynamic of a home is changed completely. Read on to discover how our retractable glass doors work their monumental magic…

Lighten up

One of the first transformative features that Clear Edge Glass doors deliver to the average Australian home is an influx of natural light. In essence, you’re erasing an entirely opaque wall and replacing it with an elegant sheet of glass when you install Clear Edge Glass doors. Slide them aside and the wall disappears altogether!

It’s impossible for light not to flood into your room. Until you’ve tried our stackable glass door system, you really have no idea just how much beautiful, warm, natural light will suddenly lift your interior.

A whole new world on display

Have you ever rushed outside to catch a glimpse of a beautiful golden sunset? With Clear Edge Glass, you’ll be free to enjoy every sunset or sunrise from the cosy comfort of your lounge. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the views you welcomed into your home when you decided to install your frameless Clear Edge Glass doors!

As things are cooling down now (it’s been super chilly here in Melbourne!), the thought of being able to enjoy beautiful, unobstructed views through your glass doors while you remain snug and warm inside doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Access as you’ve never known it

Furniture delivery men must smile when they see a wall of Clear Edge Glass doors. One look at that fully-retractable wall of glass and you know that you’re in for an easy move! As you neatly fold away each retractable glass door, you’re opening up a section of your home to seamless indoor/outdoor flow and easy travel.

Be it armfuls of groceries, a big couch, or an army of party guests, your wide-open retractable glass doors open up more than enough space to welcome anyone into your home, struggle-free!


Does this sound like a lifestyle you’d like to be living? Get in touch with the team at Clear Edge Glass to give this wonderful new way of indoor/outdoor living a go!