Clear Edge Glass: a wonderful addition to your family home

Oct 4, 2019 | Glass Sliding Doors

Most of our greatest childhood memories are the ones shared outdoors, in the garden, and (of course) in the pool! Splashing away our summer cares and drying off by running around on the lawn – these are the memories that make a childhood. The only element that might enhance such a fabulous experience would be easier access to the pool, and more indoor/outdoor flow to encourage coming and going more quickly through the most fun area of the house! 

In today’s article, we’ll show you how you can achieve a more open and easily-accessed play area with Clear Edge Glass doors! 


Easier pool management

For a watchful parent overseeing their swimming children, nothing beats more visibility. We’re not talking about your traditional sliding glass doors, here. We’re talking about a full, unobstructed view of your entire outdoor entertainment area through our frameless glass door system. 

With Clear Edge Glass retractable glass doors, your entire wall transforms into a transparent window to the outdoor world. Open or closed, you’ll have a safe and convenient view of the little ones while they swim. You might even like to install our retractable glass window system for the kitchen for even more viewing capability, not to mention the pleasant breeze that accompanies a fully open Clear Edge Glass window system!  


How does it work?

Simply slide each panel of your Clear Edge Glass frameless glass door system to one side and enjoy the bright and fully open space! Even if it’s quite nippy inside, you can always keep your glass doors mostly closed, leaving just one panel open for access in and out, without losing a single centimetre of your view. 


In and out in a flash

Filing through a group of soaked children in their swimming gear is never an easy task, but our sliding glass door system certainly makes it easier. Rather than having everyone creating a bottleneck in the doorway while they dry themselves off, you’ll be able to completely open a wall of your home by completely folding away your Clear Edge Glass doors. You’ll easily allow everyone to come and go, meaning more efficient snack times, changing times and indoor/outdoor playtime.