Christmas through Clear Edge Glass doors: hosting the perfect party

Nov 22, 2017 | Glass Sliding Doors

It’s beginning to look a lot like…you’ll be playing host or hostess this Christmas! It’s that magical time of year where we cram our friends and fam together for food and festivities. If you’ve already set a date for your Christmas party, then it’s time to get stuck into some cool concepts and ideas to make this merry gathering the best one yet. In today’s blog, we’ve put together a few of our top tips for putting on a cracking Christmas party in Australia.

Give your guests plenty of room to party

A close-quarters Christmas party on a hot Australian summer’s day is as far from jolly and jovial as it gets. Cramming guests into one sectioned space is going to make it hard for them to mix and mingle; folks will be too busy trying to keep out of each other’s way! It’s an easy fix thanks to the wonderful, party-perfecting technology that is the Clear Edge Glass slide and stack system! Installing a wall of Clear Edge Glass doors between your living room and deck or garden will give you the freedom to slide an entire wall aside, creating a wide-open entrance!

The uninterrupted access way between the indoor and outdoor spaces creates one wide open home-made party venue in an instant!

Do yourself a favor: make the setup and cleanup faster

Once it’s time to clean up and usher everyone indoors for a cozy movie, you (and your little helpers) will be able to clear away the fray in mere seconds. A couple of plate-clearing trips ought to do the trick, and with no doors to hold open or frames to trip over you’ll wonder why you never invested in Clear Edge Glass Doors sooner than this!

When things cool down; pull your doors closed

When the kids have all headed off to bed, and the remaining grown-ups are sharing a few late-night drinks together in the living room, you can pull your Clear Edge Glass doors closed in one smooth, easy motion. Your guests can enjoy the comfort of the closed room, without compromising the beautiful view of your garden and deck area. This is extra-appreciated if you’ve put effort into your garden Christmas lights!