Bees to honey: 3 ways Clear Edge Glass brings in the foot-traffic to your retail outlet

Feb 26, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Ease of access

Nothing says ‘buzz off’ to a browsing customer quite like a shadowy shop hidden behind opaque barriers. When you’re out and about for purpose or leisure, you tend to wander into the stores that offer hassle free browsing with wide open spaces for a smooth entrance and exit. Unfortunately a bad experience navigating in and out of a store can be enough to put a customer off for life.

A glass frameless sliding door system solves this age old issue. Clear Edge Glass provides your store with the freedom to open completely without pesky frames to poke up and stop you from extending your product displays further than your entrance way.

Options options options!

If you like to get creative with your window display, you might appreciate a chance to increase or decrease the display area at whim! Exchanging your static glass walls for glass sliding doors will offer you the freedom to extend your window display where and when you need it. You could dedicate large portions of the store front to those glamorous ‘new season’ displays with a large section of frameless glass panels. Later you might like to try a minimalist look that offers smaller display areas with a wider view of the store’s floor area (an especially handy option for store sales or promotions).

Dress up both sides of the entrance by parting your glass panels in the middle, or focus your display to just one side by sliding your panels left or right. With a frameless glass door system you can present your display your way.

(Not so) sneak peek

Views are vital in the retail world, and there are no more critical eyes to attract than that of the customer. Boldly opening your store to the public eye extends an invitation to browse at a glance, and this leads to further investigation. Customers can spot a sweet sale across the street, so store transparency is key!

Glass sliding doors now allow you to be proud of your products all year around. You can seamlessly slide and fold your sliding door panels to one side and offer a completely open viewing in the summer. Then, in the winter months, customers still have a clear frameless view of your store with all your panels extended and keeping in that warmth.