Are clear-edge glass sliding doors right for you?

Jan 22, 2016 | Glass Sliding Doors

Summer is a great time to be thinking about ways to improve your home. As we spend more time outside of our homes enjoying the warmer weather, we often start to notice many ways we can make alterations and changes that’ll make our house more practical, and a more enjoyable place to live.

When it comes to improving your home, adding or replacing external doors can be an extremely beneficial thing to do. It can be a great way to add value to your home, as well as improve that “indoor-outdoor flow”.

Our clear-edge glass sliding doors fit this description perfectly, so if you’re thinking of replacing a current door or putting in some new glass doors, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Would you like better lighting?

If you’re putting in a glass sliding door from the living or dining room out to a deck, patio or back-section, a clear-edge glass sliding door is going to do wonders to your internal lighting. Because each pane of glass has a clear vertical edge, the panes combine to form a single seamless window with no obstructions or panels to block the light.

Would you like a better view?

If you’ve got a scenic backdrop to your property, you’ll definitely want to emphasis that view as much as possible. Hiding it behind external walls, thick curtains or solid doors isn’t going to add any value to your property, which is why our stacking sliding doors can be so beneficial.

When closed, the sliding doors form a single pane of glass, which allows for unobstructed views. And when you want to open them, be it for a breath of fresh air or to enjoy the sunshine outside, the glass panels slide and stack neatly away. This means that no matter if your doors are open or closed, you have a clean and unobstructed view of your back section and beyond.

Would you like better access?

Most external doors, whether they’re glass sliding doors or French doors, consist of an opening within a larger frame that can’t be moved, shifted or opened. You really only have small opening within the external wall through which to move. So if you want to shift something large through the door, or create some great indoor-outdoor flow for your guests, this can be quite tricky.

This is where our clear-edge sliding doors are really going to shine. Every pane in our clear-edge system can turn, slide and stack neatly on the side. The entire wall just disappears, allowing you to shift large items in and out, but also to increase access to the outdoors.

So next time you’re having a dinner party or a whole lot of guests over, consider how beneficial it’d be to be able to open an entire wall to your deck, pool or back yard.

Would you like to use your space better?

One of the more common issues with large door systems is that the larger the door, the more space you need when opening it. Standard doors swing, so you have to leave plenty of room around the door to allow it to open.

Standard glass sliding doors don’t require that same space, but they certainly impose limits on how open your door can be. You still need somewhere to slide the door, meaning half of the entrance or doorway is still obstructed.

But a clear-edge glass sliding door system offers you a much better use of space. The entire system stacks neatly to the sides, giving you completely unobstructed passage through the doorway, while requiring so little room to be able to shift and stack.

So if you’re thinking of making improvements to your house, consider what a clear-edge glass sliding door system would do for your property.