All the sun: none of the heat

Feb 6, 2019 | Glass Sliding Doors

We’ve all got a sunny spot in the house where we like to sit and soak up a little light. If you live here in Australia you’ll know that such situations are only short-lived, especially during those intense 30 degree days. If you’re eager to maximise on that sunshine without feeling like you’re sitting in an oven, read on!


Enjoy your sunroom without roasting

You shouldn’t have to hide in the shade just to avoid getting too toasty in the summer. Fortunately for homeowners and architects, we have a brilliant solution that’ll allow you to have your ‘sun’ cake and eat it too! You can invite an endless wealth of sunlight through Clear Edge Glass doors. Our sliding door system gives you options. Slide your retractable glass doors completely to one side to let in a fresh summer breeze when the weather is mild, then seal your retractable door system closed again to keep the cool air from the air conditioning contained.

You’ll appreciate being able to make use of the space and get all that lovely sunlight on your face while maintaining a cool, comfortable temperature in your sunroom. Our Clear Edge Glass sliding door system is designed to stand up against the strongest storms outside your home, so you can trust us when we say that your cool air-conditioned room will have its refreshing temperature maintained (without wasting power or losing precious cool air).


What about when things cool down again?

Summer doesn’t last forever (unfortunately), so what happens to a room walled only by glass doors when winter kicks in? We might have mighty summers, but there can be some super nippy days here in Australia during the winter months. For these days, your thick, well-built Clear Edge Glass doors will bring copious sunlight into your interior without wasting a drop of warmth emitted by your fireplace or heatpump. Simply close and seal your sliding glass doors along their tracks and kick back with the heatpump on and a cosy coffee mug between your fingers.

Whatever the season, our Clear Edge sliding glass doors are gorgeous and versatile feature for maximising on sunlight light while maintaining your interior temperature.