Add value to any apartment with retractable windows

Nov 15, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

The Clear Edge Glass sliding door installation team have been extremely busy lately with summer incoming! A popular type of project that we’ve had the pleasure of working on lately has been this beautiful set of foldable windows for an Australian apartment with stunning, sweeping views.

While our most common projects involve our frameless glass doors, these foldable windows are an excellent asset to any apartment. Today, we’ll tell you why your property could use a swish new set of these elegant and oh-so practical windows.

Open up your property to sweeping views 

While views add value to any apartment, large or small, they don’t sell the property from behind closed walls or wide-rimmed windows! To maximise on those sweeping views that only an apartment can achieve, we recommend replacing a section of your wall or your windows with Clear Edge Glass retractable windows. Like our frameless glass doors, these frameless windows provide your property with uninterrupted views of their surrounds. Your tenants can enjoy soaking up their scenic vista without any bulky frames or awkward beams in between each window pane. Rather, our elegant frameless windows will deliver picturesque views while opened or closed – visibility-wise, there’s hardly any difference!

Allow ample ventilation – Healthier for hanging washing and cooking 

There’s only so much you can do in an apartment to keep it ventilated and smelling fresh. While cooking, cleaning or hanging washing, our apartments succumb to a series of lingering smells that can devalue your property, especially when drying washing causes mould to develop. To avoid soaking your home in unsavoury smells, we offer retractable glass windows. Each foldable glass window can be opened individually, partially and completely. Your tenants can slide each frame to one side and enjoy one large and open wall of uninterrupted fresh air. For colder days, your tenants might prefer to partially open their retractable glass windows in order to encourage natural ventilation of fresh air without having to let out all the cold.

Clear Edge Glass foldable glass doors and windows are excellent additions to any property, allowing any tenant the freedom to enjoy ample fresh air and views.