A kid’s paradise: summer through Clear Edge Glass doors

Dec 11, 2017 | Glass Sliding Doors

Some of our fondest childhood memories are those we spent paddling in the pool. Whether it was our swimming pool, the neighbor’s, a family member’s or a friend’s, we’ve all had a summer splash to remember! Spending a summer by the pool as a kid is a delight, but it’s always been a bit of a challenge for the grown-ups.

Yes, while the little ones splash in and out of the pool, it’s the parents who are on life-guard and cleanup duty.

The challenges of pool management


Just like a real life guard, we play the role of pool mediator; officers of safety in our own home. It’s our job to split up fights, stop dangerous diving attempts, keep unwanted objects out of the water and (should the worst happen) be free and ready to dive in and rescue anyone from drowning.

In order to readily offer this safety and care to our swimming children, we need clear access to the pool. It should take mere seconds to move from our vantage point inside to outside, and in the pool.

Clear Edge Glass Doors are the best option to achieve this clear, unobstructed access:

  • Slide each panel completely aside to open an entire wall; ready for you to rush through at a moment’s notice.
  • See full, frame-free views of the pool as you survey the action and keep the peace.
  • When it’s a ‘big kids only’ swim, keep the little ones safely secure inside (without missing out on the show) by sliding and securing your doors closed. You won’t miss anything while comfortably inside as you view the entire pool area through your frameless glass doors.

Cool convenience when it’s time to call everyone inside

When it’s time to come on in and change for a meal, you can call everyone in through wide open glass doors. With each panel slid completely out of the way and stacked neatly to one side, a whole hoard of wet swimmers can rush through and change; no lines outside the front door or awkward pile-ups here!

If our sliding glass doors have been incorporated into your deck area, you’ll be able to pull them shut to keep your wet guests toasty warm while they enjoy a meal. After everyone’s had a bite, slide the doors aside and send them out for round two!