A happy, healthy winter with Clear Edge Glass

Jul 10, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

One of the worst worries we face during the winter is mould and mildew. Moisture builds in our homes as we take hot showers, boil the jug and simple breath indoors during the winter, and if we aren’t opening up our homes to a sufficient amount of fresh air and light each winter, we’re going to be facing the unhealthy consequences. We understand that keeping a home bright and full of fresh air can be challenging during winter, especially when opening up your home means letting out all the warm air!

Fortunately, we have a rather stylish and practical solution, and it comes in the functionality of our frameless glass sliding door system.

Clear the air

While your Clear Edge Glass doors are a fully retractable glass door system, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to an ‘all or nothing’ opened or closed setting. Would you like to let in some fresh air to promote healthy ventilation throughout your home on a cold winters day? We have a way!

Simply fold one panel completely open, then slide each remaining glass sliding door slightly along until a small gap remains between each pane of glass. These small gaps will work beautifully as a temporary ventilation system, inviting a crisp winter breeze to work its way through your home.


Lighten Up

Our Clear Edge Glass foldable glass doors are undoubtedly the best solution to any dark, damp and dreary homes. Invite instantaneous light into any room of your home when you choose to replace one wall (or even half a wall) with a section of our foldable glass doors or windows. With nothing to block its path, daylight will travel effortlessly through a wall of Clear Edge Glass doors, bringing with it the antibacterial, anti-dust and altogether warming properties of natural sunlight.

Worried you’ll lose heat through your Clear Edge Glass Doors while your blinds are up? No worries: Clear Edge has you covered. We offer Frameless Glass treated to be Low E, or ‘Low Emissivity Glass’. With a special coating of super thin metallic oxide, shortwave solar energy can enter the building, but the longwave energy being pumped through your heaters is kept inside. Essentially, light gets in and the cold weather stays out! It’s easy on the heat pump: our sliding door system provides Australia’s most efficient and attractive thermal insulation through a wall of sleek glass.

Sit back and watch the show 

There’s something magical about being able to cuddle up behind a wall of comfortably-closed Clear Edge glass sliding doors on a rainy day. With uninterrupted views through our ingenious frameless glass, you’ll be able to enjoy a full view of those dramatic winter storms. Our frameless design offers homeowners views without any obnoxious metal frames getting in the way, so you’ll feel constantly connected with the world outside while enjoying all the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

With Clear Edge Glass, its the best of both worlds really!