Next-Level Architecture: Inspire your clients with Clear Edge Glass

Aug 10, 2018 | Glass Sliding Doors

Maximise your client’s lighting

Clear Edge Glass retractable sliding glass door systems effortlessly invite natural light to flood and fill your client’s home. Warm, bright sunshine is essential for any Australian home, and our retractable glass will work to draw in the sun’s beneficial rays without turning your client’s home into a humid greenhouse. Our Low-E Glass Technology works a little bit like a polarised pair of glasses: protecting your eyes (or in this case, your interior) from sun damage, overheating, and even road noise!

Maximise your client’s view

Frame a sweeping view for your client in a wall of edgeless glass. Open your client’s living room up to the outdoors by replacing an otherwise bland wall, square window, or clunky sliding door with our sleek, stylish Clear Edge Glass Door system. Open or closed, Clear Edge Glass doors offer a classy, modern solution to Architects who might be looking to make the most of a beautiful location. Be it the communication of a gorgeous green garden or a sweeping oceanic vista, let Clear Edge Glass Doors do all the talking for your next architectural design!

Give your client a smarter space to work with

Installing Clear Edge Glass Doors into the design of your client’s home will allow easier access, freedom and flow between their interior and garden/outdoor entertaining area. By eliminating dated sliding door designs and investing in a sleek wall of foldable glass doors, you’ll provide your client with sleek simplicity and functionality – the likes of which they’ve probably never known!

Imagine being able to unite your deck and living room in a matter of seconds, without any chunks of metal to trip over or sliding doors to push only half a distance away. This is the magic of Clear Edge Glass: a system that wastes no time in neatly getting out of the way when you want to seamlessly join the interior and exterior of your ideal entertainment area.


Treat your clients to a home that functions and appears more beautifully than they could have ever dreamed of with Clear Edge Glass Doors! For Australian architects, we can offer you a stack of brochures to pass on to your clients, and give you more detailed and technical information as to how our glass door system holds up against harsh weather conditions and elements. Get in touch with our team today!