Homestuck or homefree? Let Clear Edge Glass open things up

Mar 18, 2020 | Glass Sliding Doors

There’s nothing quite like social distancing and self-isolation to inspire feelings of stuffiness and cabin fever. We understand that being stuck in your home for weeks on end isn’t the most ideal situation, but we can guarantee that it’ll be a good deal more pleasant if fresh air, views and marvellous amounts of sunshine are still circulating through your home.

Our seamless sliding glass door system will see to that! 


Never truly stuck inside with Clear Edge Glass

Closed or open, our foldable glass doors see to it that light and views of the great outdoors are available in your home. Sitting in the living room will feel as though you’re barely in a room at all, if the trees, sky and garden beyond your doors seems as crisp, clear and unobstructed as it does through Clear Edge Glass! 

Without frames or clunky connections to remind you that they’re there, each of our foldable glass door panels will simply melt into the view as you enjoy the feeling of being connected to the outdoors while remaining in. 


Circulate fresh air

If you’re working or studying from home for the next few weeks or months, you’re going to want to keep things fresh. Smells of cooking and general family house use can quickly overcome a home, but your Clear Edge Glass fully retractable door system will see to it that these odours are neutralised with an instant and unobstructed dose of fresh air! 

Unlike traditional sliding doors, where a good deal of your door frame is obstructed by the doors slid across each other, our sophisticated system rotates and folds each door neatly to one side. Either side, for that matter, so you can change things up to suit your lifestyle at any time! Simply slide each panel to one side, and enjoy passing in and out of your outdoor entertainment area or garden without tripping on door frames or sliding through unforgiving gaps in traditional glass doorways. 


Architectural adaptation

We understand that times ahead are looking tough, but being ‘stuck’ at home will encourage us to be a bit more creative with these spaces. Clear Edge Glass doors are a perfect solution to anyone wishing to unite an indoor and outdoor experience without even having to leave the house!